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Help me find shitty SCP Foundation games!


I've really been wanting to stream some SCP Foundation games but have only collected a small handful of them. It's been 4 years since the last time we did a proper SCP stream and I think that's a bit too long.

The ones I have downloaded include the "Containment Breach" game (the only "good" one), and that SCP-087 one with the stairs. 087 seems to be the most common game that these crappy indie devs make because it's literally just a staircase and is probably something I could figure out myself in the course of an afternoon.

Post links to ones you find here, and I'll download them to check them out when I get a chance. Thanks!

Did a little searching on the reddit, best I found so far is a bunch of gary's mod maps this one guy made.
Edit: Found a few more so I'll just keep dropping links onto this post.

geekboy400: im not really sure of this based off an entry but the concept caught my eye

Posting some links here for my own reference:


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