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Author Topic: AkatsukiYoshi's levels  (Read 692 times)


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AkatsukiYoshi's levels
« on: June 06, 2016, 12:58:33 am »
Here are the levels I created:

Level name: My amiibo collection #1
ID: 9394-0000-00A3-E2B6
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Yes, I made one of THESE kind of levels. I basically show off my amiibos from the time I made this stage. Unlike the ones that appear on Your Level SUCKS, my collection is actually respectable for its time.

Level name: Mario 101- The Basics: Revised
ID: C25C-0000-00A8-26A8
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A tutorial level teaching you the basic controls of Mario Maker. My original version was too hard, but it is now fixed in this revised version. I also teach moves using coins as communication because I didn't know about comments either until later.

Level name: A 1-way ticket to pain!
ID: 847F-0000-00B0-6144
Difficulty: Normal-Hard
Description: An underwater 1 way path filled with lots of danger. Patience and timing is the key to victory.

Level name: Paths of Peril
ID: B8DB-0000-00DA-F450
Difficulty: Easy-Hard
Description: 3 doors/pipes 3 paths. Each area with choices leads to an easy, normal, or hard path which affects the difficulty of this level. Harder paths lead to better rewards.

Level name: Training in the Monado Arts!
ID: 95C0-0000-00F5-81C8
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Play as Shulk and pass the trials of speed, jump, shield, buster, and smash. Some of the trials are much harder than others. Feel free to challenge this level if you are really feeling it!

Level name: Yoshi Station
ID: B6EB-0000-010A-EF4C
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A level of pretty Yoshi pixel art with a station that serves as a directory for posting your own Yoshi themed levels for others to play and have fun with.

Level name: Deal or No Deal
ID: C43A-0000-0114-8CA3
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A level based on the Deal or No Deal game show. The key to victory lies within 1 of the 26 ? blocks. Some cases are helpful, while others aren't. Also, watch out for the hotheaded banker that wants you to leave with nothing.

Level name: Smash 64- Race to the finish!
ID: 42B0-0000-0139-A250
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A recreation of the third bonus game in Smash 64. This level also serves as a speedrun challenge. How fast can you get to the goal?

Level name: Can you escape the Hail Storm?
ID: 2249-0000-0166-97C3
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Watch out for deadly hail as you make your way to the goal. Hail might even help you if your proceed with caution.

Level name: Breaking through to Bowsers Lair
ID: B8B6-0000-017E-2176
Difficulty: Super Expert
Description: Break through Bowser's defense system and infiltrate Bowser's Lair and destroy it. The obstacles are very dangerous and power-ups are limited. Are you up to the challenge?

Level name: The Mighty Octostomp(Splatoon)
ID: 0E2D-0000-01CB-7FA3
Difficulty: Easy-Normal
Description: A recreation of the first boss in Splatoon's single player mode. Join as any of the inklings or the squid and defeat the Mighty Octostomp and save the zapfish.

Level name: A New Super Ticket to Pain U
ID: 13E0-0000-022F-F6E1
Difficulty: Super Expert
Description: A sequel to my 1-way ticket to pain level. There are both similar challenges from my first version and new ways of causing pain.

Level name: The YLS Experience: EX Edition
ID: AAEB-0000-0242-C961
Difficulty: Expert/Troll
Description: A level inspired by Gatorbox's Your Level SUCKS EX collection. This level focuses on all of the bad expert level design tropes featured on the show. All of the tropes are condensed into this one level much like Draco's YLS Experience level where it focused on every bad regular collection tropes. Have fun! Feel free to give me hate comments and tell me how much my level sucks or tell me if you actually like the stage.

Level name: War for the Mushroom Kingdom
ID: F3F5-0000-024E-51AA
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A story based level on an imaginative adventure of what could happen after the Super Mario 64 timeline. Mario was about to get cake for rescuing Peach and everyone in the castle is telling Mario about Bowser's plan of all out war on the Mushroom Kingdom. Will Mario have what it takes to save the kingdom once again?


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Re: AkatsukiYoshi's levels
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2016, 02:33:44 pm »
A week before the Your Level Sucks Viewer special was recorded, I lost all of my levels. For some reason, when I started playing Mario Maker one day I had to play the tutorial and everything as if I never played Mario Maker before. My coursebot was deleted for some reason as well. I didn't lose any of my stars or any of my other stats though.

Ain't that some shit? Give me the "Kill myself" rating if you agree.