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Help me find crappy UNDERTALE stages for Draco to play.

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I'm shamelessly aping this idea from Starducks who left a comment on the most recent Your Level Sucks suggesting that we play awful Undertale stages. That's a fantastic idea because Draco fucking hates this game and he's going to hate every single Undertale stage that has ever been made.

However, we're at a bit of an impasse. I too think Undertale is absolute cancer which means that I have no idea what any of these autists are talking about when they throw around things like "BAD TIME" and "DETERMINATION" and what have you. I've been doing some digging and looking for stages but all I've been able to find are "bullet hell" stages that mirror the game's battle system and stages that just play music. These stages are bad, but I don't think any of us can explain "why".

I/we need your help!  If you come across any Undertale stages that are terrible, post them here! If you've made Undertale stages yourself and you're willing (or dumb enough) to put your own neck on the chopping block, post them here too!

I'll start us off with these:
"Undertale-Ruins" -- 2B12-0000-00BC-7F46
"Papyrus's Ultra Hard Challenge" -- 2FB9-0000-00A6-F9D0

Lord Apoplexy:
I must confess my SINS. O>_<O

Here's one Undertale level I made, because why the fuck did I even post this?

Oh, and here's the pissing on the shitcake: It's a music level. ENJOY. O_e

I found this video with some "toxic" levels you might try out

EDIT: I also found this level code - E340-0000-01EE-856A
Its just a recration of all of undertale

well, here's one, D756-0000-00F6-8D6B,
another one is, 51D1-0000-024C-6120.*
And the last one is B40E-0000-024C-6413.
and one I created, which i think is the "best one" is wotors of mogolovonio.

(SUPER EXITED FOR THE EPISODE!!! whoever submitted a level code for the episode will now be known as the underteam. that's my trademark. don't say it or i'll sue you like the fine bros.)

Thanks everyone for the recommendations so far. Roastmaster is putting this one together so as soon as he feels we have enough levels for demonstration I'd imagine he's going to send them my way. :)


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