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Author Topic: Complete Reference of Post Ratings  (Read 2769 times)


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Complete Reference of Post Ratings
« on: April 06, 2016, 08:43:23 pm »
Ratings are broken down into 3 categories: positive, negative, and neutral. Positive and negative ratings are self-explanatory, however the "neutral" category contains more general responses to posts that are informative or helpful, etc. Sure, we could have "like" and "dislike", but we don't. Instead our ratings are a bunch of in-jokes and other nonsense that outsiders FUCKING NORMIES probably aren't going to get.

The ratings are a way for you to get feedback on your posting habits and content from other members in the community. If you find yourself getting a bunch of "Euphoric" ratings, for example, you should probably ease off the bitcoins and atheism; or, if you get a lot of "Salty" ratings you should probably be less of a whiny bitch maybe? I don't know.

Above all else, have fun and try not to take them too seriously. I've provided some loose definitions of the ratings, but they are purely subjective. What might come off as something stupid to you is someone else's "UPVOTE LEL EPIC WIN". Also don't try to farm ratings from people in the community, it's annoying. It's not a popularity contest and the plugin for the ratings on this forum is kind of shitty so I don't even think it's possible to see who has the most or anything like that.


Below are all of the current ratings available for you to use.

-- Reddit Upvote -- Generic upvote/agree/like.
-- 100 Emoji -- Like a "like" except more.
-- That's Money! -- Achievements, rarities, etc.
-- Alter The Spicy -- Hot, sexy, etc.
-- COLA -- Reserved for only the best of posts.

-- TRIGGERED -- Disagreement/dislike.
-- Troll -- Baitposting, trolling.
-- Salty -- Acting salty/spergy, excessive complaining.
-- Shitpost -- A bad post.
-- Kill Yourself -- A REALLY bad post.

-- Feels -- Emotional, personal post.
-- Yiffy -- Furry trash.
-- Autistic -- Acting autistic, arguing over dumb shit, etc.
-- Euphoric -- Atheism, MLP, vaping, etc.

(none, yet)
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