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Author Topic: My Super Mario Maker Levels  (Read 650 times)


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My Super Mario Maker Levels
« on: December 27, 2015, 02:09:59 pm »
World 1-1   My First GoombaFA5E-0000-012A-4EAD   This is a "challenging" 1-1 World
World 1-2   Boisonberry Donuts   A78A-0000-012A-5062   What my Mother and I called the underground theme.
World 1-3   Heaven and Hell      CFC1-0000-012A-5512   Make the effort to stay on top, because being on the bottom sucks
World 1-4   Reign of Fire      4EEE-0000-012A-5AB6   Suprise attack on Bowser while he's training his troops

World 2-1   Suspicous Generosity   00C3-0000-012A-5F71   Oh look a Fire Flower! Wait...
World 2-2   Sea Of Averace      9273-0000-012A-61B7   Lots of coins, lots of hazards, so little time...
World 2-3   Stowaway Showdown   DBC8-0000-012A-63FC   Metal Gear Mario through and Airship
World 2-4   Infiltration              3D47-0000-012A-6E44   Sneak into Bowser's Aerial Fortress

World 3-1   Haunted Wasteland   DE4C-0000-012A-7A7B   Ghosts and Goblin's Themed level, with hidden suprises
World 3-2   Deserted Mansion   13A7-0000-012A-7D01   My first attempt at a "Ghost house", infested with bugs
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