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Author Topic: Gatorbox forum rules.  (Read 2741 times)


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Gatorbox forum rules.
« on: April 02, 2015, 08:40:15 pm »
Thanks for checking out this community! I've set up these forums as an informal hangout spot where everyone can chat and chill in a more "after hours" type of thing. Hopefully we can use these forums to help make Gatorbox a better stream and to help plan out events and projects.

However, that aside, every community needs rules. Here's ours:

1. Don't act like an idiot.
--- Don't swear just to be edgy.
--- Don't start/bring drama here.
--- Don't be rude to other people.
--- Don't be a creep.
--- Don't take everything seriously.

2. The following types of behavior will not be tolerated:
--- Attention Whoring
--- Edgelords
--- Neckbeards / Euphorics
--- SJW / Uber-PC
--- Actual Bigotry

3. If you are going to post something that's potentially NSFW please link to it instead of using IMG tags. Please also mention that the link is NSFW!!  :trigger:

4. If you want to shitpost please do so in the proper forum (AMERICA).  :dong:

Basically, in short just don't be a dumbass and we'll all have a great time here.
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