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Author Topic: Finding stuff for Fanfiction Factory (READ FIRST) - Updated 2019  (Read 342 times)


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- Stuff that's just awful. This is subjective and there's a lot of ways to define "awful". Written poorly, bad grammar, typos everywhere. Gross stuff, non-pornographic but clearly fetishistic material, shipping weird characters. Fanfiction for shows and games that literally no one gives a shit about and like maybe 10 people might remember. You get the idea.

- Submissions cannot be explicitly pornographic. That doesn't mean "no M/X/NC-17 rated stuff", it just means that because of Twitch's ToS I can't read something that has literal penis-in-vagina intercourse. For some stupid reason I can read a story about "chocolate wagons" or Pikachu licking Ash's feet but as soon as someone pulls their wiener out we have a problem.
- Submissions must be fanfiction, no original compositions. Stories about "Mary Sue" self-insert characters in an existing universe are fine.
- 2,000 words is about the limit for length and is pushing it unless it's exceptionally bad. 1,500 is ideal and anything under that is fine.
- Single chapter ("one shot") stories are preferred, but if you find something terrible with a lot of little chapters then by all means share it anyways.

- FanFiction.net (the best source, has categories for everything)
- FurAffinity (registration may be required to view some profiles)
- DeviantArt (registration required to view adult rated submissions)
- FiMfiction (focused on My Little Pony only)
- Other leads include Wattpad, Archive of Our Own (AO3), Tumblr, and Quotev.

- This is totally not my aggregate account on FF.net filled with potential fodder for this series.

- Be careful about drowning yourself in Sonic, Pokemon, MLP, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, and all that other crap with literally tens of thousands of submissions. Not only are these types of fanfics done to death already but finding "decent bad" stories is almost impossible in a sea of just actual garbage. If you already know of some good candidates then go for it, otherwise you'll burn yourself out sifting through these (I did).
- The older the better. FF.net had an "NC-17 purge" around 2003 so a lot of really hilarious bad content was lost but there's still a whole lot of it from the lesser ratings that remained. FF.net has been around forever and has submissions from the late nineties. Embarrassing stuff from the dawn of the internet scores huge points with me.
- Children's shows consistently seem to turn up the best results. From any era or decade. People obsess over them to a fault. If you're having trouble finding good stuff then go back to basics and thumb through the section for Rugrats or Arthur or something

(Please also type like one sentence that says "This is a Duck Tales fanfic and Uncle Scrooge eats all the money and gets fat" or something so I know what each thing is.)

I like doing a "theme" each month on Fanfiction Factory. I want to organize submissions by theme, so please either start a thread (or post in an existing one if applicable) with a one or two word title that summarizes the theme (e.g. "Christmas", "Dinosaurs", etc.). Post your stories in this thread, or multiple threads if needed. This way when it comes time to sort through submissions everything is already sort of contained in their own categories.
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Re: Finding stuff for FANFICTION FACTORY in this thread
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2018, 11:58:08 pm »
(728 Words)
TL;DR: Goosebumps fanfic, romance, guy lets ghost girl inside him, guy fucks his gf, ghost inside gf, has been stalking him for years.
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Re: Finding stuff for FANFICTION FACTORY in this thread
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2018, 10:11:12 pm »
Alright, I signed up for a forum account so I could link a couple stories I wrote.  They fit the "Fanfiction for shows and games that literally no one gives a shit about and like maybe 10 people might remember" rule, but they're not particularly badly written or anything (at least, I don't think so) so they're probably not what you're looking for.

A "spooky lost episode" story about the Allen Hour, an online skit show no one remembers.

A spooky story about Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing.

A spooky story about Super Mario Maker.

Anyway, I think this might be more what you're looking for here:
It's MLP vore.  If that's not your thing, the dude's got loads of other ones too.  There's a Jontron one.

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Re: Finding stuff for FANFICTION FACTORY in this thread
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2018, 04:16:58 pm »
OK, I stumbled across this AR (Age Regression) story that seems to fit the bill. Short and sweet, with sentence structure to rival the Chocolate Wagon mythos and a genuinely original (and hilarious!) twist that I'm not going to spoil for you.

(We're talking less than two pages anyway.)

Plot: Misty from Pokemon sets out to explore a mysterious water temple with one of her sisters. Age regression ensues.



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Re: Finding stuff for Fanfiction Factory (READ FIRST) - Updated 2019
« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2019, 03:33:07 pm »
Changing the way in which fanfics are submitted for this project now that it has its own subforum. I've updated the OP and am now locking/pinning this thread for reference.