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Changing the way in which fanfics are submitted for this project now that it has its own subforum. I've updated the OP and am now locking/pinning this thread for reference.

News & Announcements / Let's try this again (2019 edition)
« on: February 10, 2019, 09:02:36 pm »

Okay, the forums are now open again after an extended hiatus. They really were not being used all that much since we have a Discord server now, so they were relatively low priority. However there are some things (like finding fanfics) that in my opinion work best on a forum instead of a chat channel. Things are harder to keep up with in a Discord server.

The forum's CAPTCHA is still in place, however the new twist here is that new registrations have to be manually approved by yours truly. Hopefully this will cut down on the spam because new users cannot post unless I say they can. If it turns out that we're only seeing legitimate users coming in (meaning the registration quiz is working as intended) then I will lift the admin approval requirement.

I've also added all of our current/former emoticons to the forum to make it a little more homey.

Off Topic / Re: Forums back HYPE
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:03:25 pm »
I'm just glad I have this emote here:  :mayro:

There's no telling what else needs to be added.

Stream Feedback / Re: Finding bad Itch.io/GameMaker/etc games!
« on: August 17, 2018, 03:59:12 pm »
I just threw random words into the search and found these [unsure if there's any 'lolcow' content creators, I don't venture into that corner of the internet to know these things lol]

Not a problem, I can do some digging on my end to see what comes up when I look for these creators.

Stream Feedback / Finding bad Itch.io/GameMaker/etc games!
« on: August 07, 2018, 11:43:20 am »
Similar to how we have a thread for finding bad fanfics and whatnot I am also open to the idea of finding crappy indie games.

- Games that are somewhat playable, but are just bad for whatever merit. Controls, story, laughable artwork, etc. Games with nudity, explicit sex, or things like implied rape cannot be featured on the stream (Twitch ToS). The less people who've played the game the better, finding something that's really untouched and unheard of is ideal.

- Submissions cannot be overtly pornographic. Adult themes are fine, but because of Twitch's ToS we cannot showcase games with nudity or sex, similar to Fanfiction Factory's rules.
- Do not submit games whose entire existence is based around some sort of political ideology or social matter (e.g. no "shoot Trump" or touchy-feely trans games). Remember, we try to be apolitical.
- Do not submit games created by people with threads on the Kiwi Farms or other "lolcow" cataloging/archival websites. These "game developers" by and large are extremely psychologically unstable. The last thing I need in my life is some creep who types in all lowercase on Twitter stalking and harassing me because I said their game sucked.
- Games that do not take too long to complete are ideal. Something we can do in one sitting, or something that can be played for 30-60 minutes is best.
- PLEASE NO "VISUAL NOVELS" unless they are just absolutely off the wall terrible. Visual novels aren't games (hot take) and I don't really want to sit down and read to you all unless the game is as insane as Angels with Scaly Wings.

- GameJolt
- Itch.io
- YoYo Games (2007-2016 archive)

- Dontrel the Dolphin, which appears to have vanished from the internet
- Escape From Flea Market Montgomery, by yours truly
- Jim Sterling has a series called "Itch.io Tasty" where he plays games he found by dropping a random word into the search box. Great as a source of inspiration on what to look for on these sites.

- Make sure you scan this stuff before trying it out, don't be dumb with downloads. I don't think there's going to be actual viruses on sites like GameJolt and stuff but it's better to be safe and smart, especially if you are looking on other dubious websites.
- Premium/paid games are discouraged, however if they are cheap ($1 or less) and you can personally vouch for their quality, or lack thereof, then we may consider them.
- Watch out for FNAF and Slender fan games, there are literally thousands of them. If you're going to submit one, make sure it stands out from the rest and isn't just "another creepypasta game".


Off Topic / Post cool YouTube videos itt
« on: August 05, 2018, 11:45:27 pm »
Post only KWALITY KHANTENT in this thread. Here's a few to kick things off from creators whose channels are fantastic:

NOTE: SMF doesn't like weird YouTube links, format them like this for auto-embed into the forum:
Code: [Select]

- Stuff that's just awful. This is subjective and there's a lot of ways to define "awful". Written poorly, bad grammar, typos everywhere. Gross stuff, non-pornographic but clearly fetishistic material, shipping weird characters. Fanfiction for shows and games that literally no one gives a shit about and like maybe 10 people might remember. You get the idea.

- Submissions cannot be explicitly pornographic. That doesn't mean "no M/X/NC-17 rated stuff", it just means that because of Twitch's ToS I can't read something that has literal penis-in-vagina intercourse. For some stupid reason I can read a story about "chocolate wagons" or Pikachu licking Ash's feet but as soon as someone pulls their wiener out we have a problem.
- Submissions must be fanfiction, no original compositions. Stories about "Mary Sue" self-insert characters in an existing universe are fine.
- 2,000 words is about the limit for length and is pushing it unless it's exceptionally bad. 1,500 is ideal and anything under that is fine.
- Single chapter ("one shot") stories are preferred, but if you find something terrible with a lot of little chapters then by all means share it anyways.

- FanFiction.net (the best source, has categories for everything)
- FurAffinity (registration may be required to view some profiles)
- DeviantArt (registration required to view adult rated submissions)
- FiMfiction (focused on My Little Pony only)
- Other leads include Wattpad, Archive of Our Own (AO3), Tumblr, and Quotev.

- This is totally not my aggregate account on FF.net filled with potential fodder for this series.

- Be careful about drowning yourself in Sonic, Pokemon, MLP, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, and all that other crap with literally tens of thousands of submissions. Not only are these types of fanfics done to death already but finding "decent bad" stories is almost impossible in a sea of just actual garbage. If you already know of some good candidates then go for it, otherwise you'll burn yourself out sifting through these (I did).
- The older the better. FF.net had an "NC-17 purge" around 2003 so a lot of really hilarious bad content was lost but there's still a whole lot of it from the lesser ratings that remained. FF.net has been around forever and has submissions from the late nineties. Embarrassing stuff from the dawn of the internet scores huge points with me.
- Children's shows consistently seem to turn up the best results. From any era or decade. People obsess over them to a fault. If you're having trouble finding good stuff then go back to basics and thumb through the section for Rugrats or Arthur or something

(Please also type like one sentence that says "This is a Duck Tales fanfic and Uncle Scrooge eats all the money and gets fat" or something so I know what each thing is.)

I like doing a "theme" each month on Fanfiction Factory. I want to organize submissions by theme, so please either start a thread (or post in an existing one if applicable) with a one or two word title that summarizes the theme (e.g. "Christmas", "Dinosaurs", etc.). Post your stories in this thread, or multiple threads if needed. This way when it comes time to sort through submissions everything is already sort of contained in their own categories.

News & Announcements / Let's try this again (2018 edition)
« on: June 03, 2018, 07:21:37 pm »
Okay, the forums are now live again. I've overhauled the CAPTCHA stuff on the registration page as best as I could given the circumstances (most of the "anti bot" plugins for SMF are not compatible with our version, and the ones that were simply did not work). I've added reCAPTCHA by Google and have also added a battery of video game questions that our Discord folks helped assemble. They are painfully simple and anyone who's ever played a game before will know all of them, but they are also simple to look up otherwise.

Let me know if anything is busted or needs fixing or whatever and I promise I will do my best to be the inverse of Lowtax and actually fix shit.


The Ursa Major Awards are essentially the furry fandom's equivalent of a Hugo. Or a Grammy, maybe. Winning one is considered to be a big deal to creative individuals in the fandom.

What's Yiffin'?, Gatorbox's monthly news satire program and second most popular series behind Your Level Sucks, is a creative work that is eligible for an Ursa Major in both the "Website" and "Magazine" categories. Let's see if we can get our show in the running for an award!


If you're involved with the fandom please by all means feel free to submit additional nominations for your favorite work(s) in the other categories, too. As per the Ursa Major rules, you may submit up to five nominees in each category. (And What's Yiffin'? is eligible for Website and Magazine.)

Nominations are open until February 28th, so let's get them in!  :shrek:

Stream Feedback / Help me find shitty SCP Foundation games!
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:28:53 pm »
I've really been wanting to stream some SCP Foundation games but have only collected a small handful of them. It's been 4 years since the last time we did a proper SCP stream and I think that's a bit too long.

The ones I have downloaded include the "Containment Breach" game (the only "good" one), and that SCP-087 one with the stairs. 087 seems to be the most common game that these crappy indie devs make because it's literally just a staircase and is probably something I could figure out myself in the course of an afternoon.

Post links to ones you find here, and I'll download them to check them out when I get a chance. Thanks!

Mario Maker Thunderdome / Re: About that stupid downvote spammer.
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:26:11 pm »
Guess whoever it is made 5 more accounts  :autism:

lmao, yeah. I noticed that when Gatorbox's fans started to take notice and began upvoting videos he doubled down and started registering more accounts to counter them.

I fancy myself a pretty petty individual and even joke about it on stream, but I genuinely cannot fathom being this dedicated to being a nuisance to someone just because not everything they upload is a Mario video. Like, this stream has fans who are only here for the unboxing and for the furry news, but you don't see them throwing a hissy fit whenever we miss an upload or post something from another series.

You can't see it because his accounts have all been shadowbanned from commenting on Gatorbox's videos, but he originally would leave childish remarks like "fag" in the comments of new uploads. I guess he smartened up when he noticed that his sockpuppets couldn't see the comments he was posting. Little does he know however that YouTube considers likes and dislikes on equal footing when factoring them into search algorithms. Ramping up the dislikes is only going to benefit those videos long-term.


Off Topic / Re: Does your family know?
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:34:35 pm »
Wow, huge props to your parents for being cool about it even after you were doxed. Guess that didn't go as the doxer wanted to  :yoshicry:
Guess not haha. What's crazy about the situation is that it wasn't some rando online who became irrationally angry with me, but someone I knew IRL. I've always been really careful with the information I put out online and it never crossed my mind that I could be "betrayed" by someone I knew offline.

For the first few years I was back in the fandom I didn't reveal my name, but since my info was forcefully put out there I just decided to own it and use "Dracokon" and my real name interchangeably.

Off Topic / Re: Does your family know?
« on: January 20, 2017, 03:17:11 pm »
Unfortunately yes, haha. I got "doxed" a long time ago after a bad falling out with someone I was dating at the time and they decided to dump my full name, address (at the time), and other info to the usual suspects. This ended up being how my family found out the full extent of my involvement in the fandom. They were always aware in a casual sense though because I've always been a fan of dinosaurs and dragons and the like. (A year or so after this happened I was invited to speak at Further Confusion about writing, so they were bound to find out eventually.)

As you might imagine my parents were mostly confused by the nature of the work I do, but since at the time I was pretty popular they just saw it as me capitalizing on the skills I had to make some extra money. They don't really speak the language of liberalism, but they are all for "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" and that kind of stuff so they were supportive in that regard. These days we just don't really talk about it, not like it's a bad thing or something but just because it's a non issue.

I was lucky.  :success:

Mario Maker Thunderdome / Re: About that stupid downvote spammer.
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:20:42 pm »
Ahaha, trust me I've thought about it. Mostly because shitheels like him don't deserve to have content creators like me providing them with entertainment. Like, he has no stake in YLS whatsoever. No investment. For me there's a time investment in shooting, editing, and putting it together. To an extent there's also a financial investment I am making because I don't earn anything from YLS; Nintendo copyright claims the whole thing and they take all the money I and the rest of the contributors should be making ourselves. (I counterclaim every single Content ID claim they hit me with but since this is YouTube nothing ever happens.)

At the same time though people like him are in the extreme minority of Gatorbox viewers. Such a minority in fact that I believe he's the only one (he just has five different YouTube accounts because he's an autist). I'd be doing a disservice to the rest of the people who tune in because they are genuine decent people.

I've been toying with moving YLS to a live show, which requires some preparation on my part. It's still something I am looking to pursue, it's just that now that we've transitioned to the new set there's a lot I need to catch up with.

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