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Title: Badass Garfield fiction
Post by: busterkeatonrules on March 02, 2019, 10:36:21 am
Here's the link to the complete oeuvre of that one wonderful weirdo who sees Garfield (yes, the cartoon cat!) as the ultimate force of masculinity, patriotism, righteousness, lasagna consumption, pop music, and sex. Several of the stories have 3000 words or more, but I believe they are more than bad enough to make up for it.

There should be something here to suit any upcoming instalment of FFF. For July, there is a story where Garfield wins the Revolutionary War. For September, Garfield brings Bin Laden to justice. For December, Garfield takes the fight to evil dark lord Ralphie who wants to destroy the world because he didn't get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. (This one could also work for Halloween.)

It should be noted that every story includes at least one steamy sex scene, but the erotica is generally super-vague or just wrapped up in so many crazy euphemisms as to be all but unrecognizable. If you got away with "Krypto Stripto", you should be fine.